Krishi Rasayan Group, a 54 years old group with interests in Agrochemicals, Seed , Tissue culture, Biotechnology, IT Infrastructure, Solid Waste Management, Pest Control, R & D and many more, and with many ‘firsts’ in its kitty takes yet another green step in fulfilling the healthy needs of organic farming which can be ignited, explored and nurtured to shaped up a organic dream as Jaivik Anand with NPOP registration( ORG-2001-000134) & GAP to deliver best quality food material, exotic herbs, Medicinal plants and food security for millions of people

Our Wide Range of Products

• Black rice
• Red rice
• Brown govind
• bhog rice
• Peas
• Urad
• Chana dal
• Mung dal
• Ground nut
• White sesame
• Cauliflower
• cabbage
• Sweet corn
• Banana
• Ginger
• Turmeric