KR Catch Trap

  • Category:   BIOSOLUTIONS
  • Packaging Type:  
    Box Big Trap (90 Days), Small Trap (45 Days)
  • How It Works:   Fix by locking putting the smaller bowl in the bigger bowl. Take the lid and place the hook in the centre of the lid and hang the KR Catch Rhinocerous Bettle Lure to the lid. Attache the lid on the bucket. Join the lid to the bucket with th rings provided on 2 sides. Add 5 grams of any detergent / soapnut powder / shampoo to the water and stir. Tie this assembled trap set to the trunk of the tree at 4 – 5ft above the ground level with a rope. Frequently refill the water into the crescent base bowl. Once the bowl is full, empty the bowl and bury the insects 4-5 ft below the ground or burn the insects.

Benefits of the product

  • Easy to assemble, easy to monitor, easy to clean
  • Used with Krish pheromone lures to selectively attract specific species
  • Reduces the unnecessary spraying of chemical pesticides. Can be used in all seasons and withstand heavy sunlight.
  • Each trap contains: Yellow colored base container, Translucent dome top cover and Lure holder
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