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Farmer's prosperity is our priority
Krishi Rasayan Group

From its modest inception in 1966, Krishi Rasayan has embarked on an extraordinary journey in the agrochemical sector. What started with just one BHC formulation unit, has evolved into the top 5 Manufacturers & Exporters of Agrochemical companies in India. KR LifeSciences is an integral part of the esteemed Krishi Rasayan Group, now comprising a total of 5 manufacturing units, including those specializing in seeds as well.

Our unwavering commitment to the welfare and prosperity of farmers is at the core of our mission. We aspire to be the first choice for all agro-inputs, with two state-of-the-art manufacturing units that have significantly expanded our manufacturing and research & development capacities over the past five decades.

The combination of farmer insights, unwavering product quality, driven by cutting-edge research, technology, and our strict adherence to FAO specifications, has been the cornerstone of KR's remarkable success. This journey is a testament to our dedication to serving and uplifting the farming community.

"Farmer's prosperity is our priority" as our motto embodies our dedication to ensuring the well-being, success, and progress of the farming community.


Our mission is to revolutionize farming by offering top-quality agrochemical products and pioneering agro-tech. We're dedicated to helping farmers enhance the quality and quantity of their crops using advanced technology. At KR Life Sciences, we don't just provide one-size-fits-all solutions; we understand the unique challenges farmers face and tailor our solutions to them. Through our in-house research and development, we aim to improve farmers' welfare and convenience.


Our enduring vision is "to support the farmer community and empower their prosperity". We believe we can do this through Innovation For Good Harvest. We aspire to build a future where sustainable farming, cutting-edge technology, and community empowerment unite for a thriving agriculture sector. Krishi Rasayan is committed to advancing agriculture and enhancing farmers' yields, ensuring our vision remains relevant for years to come.


Mapping The Milestones Of Our Success

Founded in the early 90s, KR LifeSciences emerged with a mission to revolutionize agriculture - India's backbone. A synergistic partnership with the esteemed Agarwal legacy shaped the company. Mr. Atul Churiwal, has been an integral team member since 1984, significantly contributing to its growth and vision from the beginning and being the wing beneath the wings of this organization.

In a world where multiple agrochemical companies have failed to sustain the competition, KR Lifesciences stood the test of time. With our ever-evolving strategies, adapting newer technologies and innovation, and high-quality products, we have established ourselves as a brand trusted and loved by farmers nationwide.

Krishi Rasayan Group


The first factory of KR LifeSciences was started under the able leadership of Late Mr. P. N. Churiwal.  The year also marked a new era for Indian farmers with the introduction of Enderil, a product imported from Shell-bells in the Netherlands. Farmers quickly recognized and appreciated its distinct attributes. Even before the establishment of formal regulations, the company had started venturing into the pesticide market, making it a pioneer and giving them the first-mover advantage.


KR LifeSciences established its second factory in partnership with Mr. L.R. Agarwal. This led to remarkable growth in the agrochemical industry. The collaboration expanded capacities for the company and nearly 1,100 products are supplied across India today. Our commitment to innovation was evident in the introduction of CRO modules, making KR LifeSciences the sole GLP-certified CRO in Eastern India. This forward-thinking approach accelerated product development, reinforcing our dedication to quality and excellence.


Through engagements on ground level, the company realised the marginal farmers of Bengal faced challenges procuring pesticides for their fields. We introduced affordable packages of 20 grams and 100 grams of our products to support them. This move was aimed at meeting their modest budgets and providing accessible options. By doing this, we were able to effortlessly penetrate the market and create a more significant impact on the prosperity of the farmers.


We noticed a significant shortage of high-quality bananas and decided to give it immediate attention. Staying committed to farmer convenience and addressing market needs, we focused on cultivating Banana Mother Plants. By adapting our approach and embracing innovation, we were able to make a positive impact on the banana cultivation sector and provide farmers with a reliable source of top-notch banana plants.


We inaugurated the Seed Division, establishing a processing plant in Bankura. Presently, our Research and Development Center spans 40 hectares in Kalyani, focusing on advancements in seed processing for paddy, mustard, and sesame.


The Bio-Solution Division was started with a facility in Konnagar. Mycorrhiza is now produced in-house and is available in soluble powder, granules, and liquid forms. Additionally, the division produces bio-pesticides such as Trichoderma viride and Pseudomonas fluorescens.


Pheromone facility for different blends was launched. Introducing pheromone traps in pest management reduces usage of chemicals drastically.

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