• Category:   INSECTICIDE
  • Packaging Type:  
    Bottle 100 Ml, 250 Ml, 500 Ml, 1 Ltr
  • Technical:   THIAMETHOXAM 30% FS
  • Target:   Aphids, Thrips, Whiteflies, Stem Fly, Termite, Shoot Fly
  • How It Works:   Dosage: This is used as seed dresser. Thiamethoxam controls target pests by interfering with the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in their nervous systems. After insects contact the insecticide, feeding stops within a few hours and death generally occurs within 24 to 48 hours.

Benefits of the product

  • Areva Super functions as a systemic insecticide, safeguarding crops by disrupting receptors responsible for transmitting feeding signals to target pests.
  • With its action directed at various sites within the insect, it ensures comprehensive protection.
  • It is specifically designed for use as a seed dresser.
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