• Category:   BIOSOLUTIONS
  • Sub Category:   BIO PESTICIDE
  • Packaging Type:  
    Box / Pouch 100 Gm, 500 Gm, 1 Kg, 5 Kg
  • Technical:   TRICHODERMA VIRIDE 1.0 W P
  • Target:   Fusarium Oxysporum
  • How It Works:   Dosage: 6 Kg per/acre soil application. The mechanisms used by Trichoderma as a bio fungicide includes antibiosis, mycoparasitism, competitive advantage in the rhizosphere as well as priming of the crop self-defense mechanisms. The purpose of this book chapter is to highlight the importance of Trichoderma in agriculture as a biofertilizer and biofungicide.

Benefits of the product

  • Trichoderma viride is a biofungicide fungus used in seed and soil treatment.
  • It suppresses diseases caused by fungal pathogens, providing natural crop protection.
  • The active ingredient poses no harm to humans, causing no diseases or adverse health effects.
  • It is environmentally friendly and does not harm the ecosystem.
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