• Category:   HERBICIDE
  • Packaging Type:  
    Bottle 50Ml
  • Technical:   OXYFLUORFEN 23.5% EC
  • Target:   Chenopodium, Chenopodium Album, Borreria Hispida, Amaranthus Viridis, Cyperus, Cyperus Iria, Echinochloa Sp, Eclipta Alba, Imperata Paspalum, Coronpus Trianthema, Heliotropium
  • How It Works:   Dosage: Rice-250-400Ml/Acre ,Tea-250-400Ml/Acre ,Onion-180-350Ml/Acre ,Potato-180-350Ml/Acre ,Groundnut-180-350Ml/Acre. Oxyfluorfen controls weeds by inhibiting an essential enzyme known as protoporphyrinogen oxidase or "protox" for short. This leads to the death of the plant's tissues.

Benefits of the product

  • It is diphenylether herbicide applicable in tree fruit, nut, vine, and field crops.
  • Used for broadspectrum pre and postemergent control.
  • Targets annual broadleaf and grassy weeds.
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