• Category:   BIOSOLUTIONS
  • Packaging Type:  
    Pouch 1Kg, 4Kg
  • Technical:   MYCORRHIZA
  • How It Works:   Dosage: 4 Kg/Acre. The mycorrhizal fungus provides the host plant with nutrients, such as phosphate and nitrogen, and increases the abiotic (drought, salinity, heavy metals) and biotic (root pathogens) stress resistance of the host.

Benefits of the product

  • Enhances rapid root growth and nutrient uptake in plants.
  • Improves germination and enhances root absorption capacity for better plant development.
  • Manages biotic and abiotic stress, contributing to overall plant health.
  • Boosts plant vigor, ensuring uniform growth, increased yield, and improved produce quantity.
  • Enhances soil texture and organic content, promoting a healthier growing environment.
  • Provides immunity against certain soilborne diseases.
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