A new foray into the Pest Management: in public health & household recently, Krishi Rasayan Exports Pvt. Ltd. has entered into technical tie up with TRULY NOLEN INTERNATIONAL, USA. The vision behind this agreement is to provide the best quality pest management services in household, commercial and industrial premises. Established in 1938, Truly Nolen International has become a power to be reckoned with the pest management business worldwide.

The Truly Nolen visionary approach to pest and termite control has flourished and expanded globally in the last seven decades of business. It is operating in 47 countries having more than 120 offices worldwide. With this collaboration Krishi has started scientific and methodical pest control in public health and household sectors and getting wonderful response from people due to technical expertise and safe way of treatment.

Krishi Rasayan Tie-ups

Krishi Rasayan is having the following tie-ups for supply of various technical grade pesticides
A Cartap Hydrochloride Liyang Chemical Co Ltd., China(Jiangsu Tianrong Group Company)
B Bpmc 95% Tech Min Hunan Haili Chemical Industry Co Ltd, Hunan China
C Methyl Parathion Tech. China National Chemical Construction Jiangsu Co.
D Gibberallic Acid Hunan Biological Medicines Factory
E Triazophos Tech. Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd. Hubei, China
F Post Harvest Chemicals Pace International, Usa
G Atrazine Tech 98% Min Agan Chemical Manufacturers Ltd
H Carbendazim Tech Jiangyin Pesticides Factory (Kajo Agro Chemical Industry)
I Pretilachlor Tech Hangzhou General Pesticide Plant
J Fruit Drying Oil Victorian Chemicals, Australia
K Imazathapyr Basf India
L Acetamiprid Zhejiang Hisun Chemical Co., Ltd. China
J Fruit Drying Oil Victorian Chemicals, Australia
M Thiophanate Methyl China National Chemical Construction Co. (Cncc) Jiangsu Co., China
N Imidacloprid Wuxian Pesticide Factory (Suzhou Worldwide Agro Biochemical Co Ltd)
O Oxyfluorfen Agan Chemical Manufacturers Ltd
P Paraquat Comlets Chemical Industrial Co Ltd Taiwan